Well what do you know, I accidentaly managed to finish another song! =D


So go and have a listen!

It has been a while!

2014-06-15 14:00:43 by MEANDNOONEELSE

Well, I haven't been the most active user, but I have finally done something that I can share with you guys! A new song!


Well, go check it out and see what you think!

A new song is up, so make sure you check it out:

In other news, I feel a bit better about my love loss. It still hurts every time I see her at school and I can´t talk to her because of how my feelings are at the moment, but I really hope that I will recover to such a degree one day, that I will be able to talk to her as a friend again. (=S

That´s all for the moment...


2012-11-01 19:20:31 by MEANDNOONEELSE

It´s very lonely here in my little hole...hope someone comes around to say hello...untill then I will draw, draw and draw...

Drawing studies

2012-07-13 23:19:47 by MEANDNOONEELSE

Yeah, got to have some of those too. I´m drawing buildings and humans and animals, you name it. I still haven´t given up on the Dead Island skit, but it´s going slow. It will eventually come out but you will have to see when that happens ;)

I will upload a picture of it soon. So stayed tuned.

Maybe...just maybe...

2012-05-07 15:41:50 by MEANDNOONEELSE

I have animated a really long Dead Island parody. The workflow is slow but it´s not given up on. So keep your fingers crossed that I finish it!


2012-02-29 16:39:51 by MEANDNOONEELSE

I´m just chilling. Nothing big going on right now. Maybe I will post an animation but you know me. Don´t count on it to much =P


2012-01-08 07:02:14 by MEANDNOONEELSE

Soooooo...I suck at keeping promises. I haven´t got anywhere on my movies. I find myself drawing more than animating. I will animate later but I think I find it hard to finish anything with my sucky computer. I will try to get a job somewhere to raise some money to get new gear. Until then, please check oue my art and comment.



2011-11-26 04:15:15 by MEANDNOONEELSE

Got into artschool!

So now I will try to at least make on of those animations I mentioned earlier but I will mostly draw in the beginning. I will buy new gear soon. Can´t wait!

If you are real nice check out my art.

Thinking of the future...

2011-07-19 11:33:01 by MEANDNOONEELSE

I´m soon to start going to an art school. I will then buy a wacom tablet that cost a heap of money. then I´m thinking of starting a series that´s called "Where do ... come from?" that will future a new topic every now and then. What about it? Think it sounds good?