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Fringe Pt 1 Fringe Pt 1

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Ok so feedback. =) I'm just going to make a list because it's pretty late where I live and I'm to tired to make it super constructive. =P

1. Try using a preloader.
2. Learn more about VCAM (I think I saw you using it)
3. Try to finish stuff somehow before you upload it. I don't know if it is allowed to upload previews, but who knows. Maybe you should read the wiki under the "community" panel. =)

All in all, not bad! =D Pretty fluid and I like the slo-mo effects. Keep it up, make a few touch ups here and there and it will be really good. =)

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Audiomasterz responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback It really helps :)
Can i just ask though :P Whats a preloader o.0 haha

Thanks again :)


Man getting Gas test Man getting Gas test

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I think that the file size is a bit too big so the movie won´t even start. I think the limit is 15 or 30 MB? I´m not sure but you might find that kind of information in the wiki under the "Community" panel. =)

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Clyphe responds:

Oh dude thanks for helping me. I've been trying to figure out whats been wrong with it all day, lol

I'm a nervous wreck I'm a nervous wreck

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It´s not bad, but try to make more of it. I mean like, try to make a story behind it. Maybe combine all the things that make you nervous in school into one big movie.

Ex. "Things that make me nervous"

1. Girls that always seem to find their place next to me... (Animation follows)

Perhaps something like that. =) This is probably going to get blammed for being too short, but don´t give up. There is a nice style in this animation and just try to make more of them and combine them into a bigger/longer movie and you will be all set. =) And oh yeah, try to ad some background music or sound FX. ;)

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Nuclear Bike 2 Nuclear Bike 2

Rated 0 / 5 stars

It doesn´t load for me. I tried to reload the page twice but nothing happened.

Grand Trader Grand Trader

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Ok, so I played it for a while and thought I would make a review.

Things to improve:
1. A menu beside the buy menu, that show the most amount of money that you have spent on that particular item. That way you will know how much you must sell it for to gain profit without you having to write it down separately.

2. Money left after purchase should be shown, just so you know how much money will be left.

3. A separation of numbers, like instead of $14563325455 it could be like this for easier reading $14,563,325,455.

4. The quantity of one´s items should be shown separately so that you can keep the same amount that you want to buy without it changing in the "buy-quantity" manu. Like this:
Quantity: 400 Buy-quantity: 20 BUY SELL

5. It would be nice ti be able to loan money even if you have no property to live in. Because when you´re fresh in the game, that´s when you need money, not later when you have like a billion-zillion-gadrillion dollars.

6. A spell check in some places would be nice. Sale should be Sell. Especially the help manu needs some cleaning up.

7. The flying is to expensive as of now. It should be like 200:- or 100:- otherwise you spend to much money on flying around trying to find the good prices. It could even be like if there is a place with especially good prices, then make it more expensive to go to better places. Like somewhat good prices = 100:- and better places = 500:- etc.

8. Cheaper houses if you want to keep the system where you have to have a house to be able to get a loan. Otherwise when you finally get a house you wont need a loan anymore as mentioned above.

9. A bug I found is that when your car gets stolen in the menu it stills says that you have a car.

10. A fun feature would be if you could pay someone in the game later to get more frequent price changes and stuff. That would make the game more fast paced later and also it would make it an option to spend money on something later in the game, so it would be wise to make it a bit pricey to only make it available later.

11. If you buy a plane it should lower the cost of flying and when you have the most expensive one, it should be free.

12. A pop-up when you hover over cities to go to, that shows the prices for all the stuff there. It should only come up if you have visited the city already. If there is commodity changes, the you would have to visit that city again to see the pop-up. That way you can keep track where you have bin and also keep track over prices that you have use for.

Hope you liked my review and keep making games because it is a fun game, it only has some flaws for you to iron out. Keep it up =D The second game you make, will perhaps be a smaller masterpiece.

Well, have a nice one!

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Ouch Ouch

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Uhm, I don´t know how it is for other people, but the game doesn´t load for me. Maybe you should look into that ;)

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Make It Through! Make It Through!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Thanks for the peptalk in the description, I really needed it today =S.

The song is cute and light, so great work on that too. The only thing that could be looked at a tiny bit, is the beginning, and all the reappearances of it throughout the song. It feels a bit "empty" so to speak. It seems to be lacking something, I don't really know what so I leave it to you to figure it out =P

But keep up the good work and keep pushing through the hard times yourself! =D

8-bit Freeride 8-bit Freeride

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Reminds me of like going with a train, so yeah, kind of like a trip to somewhere! =D Very nice and fresh. And I agree with you, it's always awesome when you feel in a good mood and make an awesome track because it's like the mood gets stuck in the piece itself.

And because I'm writing this as I'm listening, I got to the part where it gets more "moody" and "full". Awesome feel right there! =)

I can't add any criticism because I can only say, good melody, very good mixing with the highs not cutting into my ears and finally very nice structure. Just keep it up and try to keep the awesome feeling that you got from this track and thanks for sharing that feel with us! =D

PS. It says that there aren't any tags, so maybe you want to check that out. ;)

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Lights (Remix) Lights (Remix)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It was a really good remix! =D The only downside is that for me at least, it felt like there should have been a drop and then some heavy bassline, but that´s may just might be a matter o taste. =) Nice job!

OMGL33TH4X0R responds:

Thanks! Would loved to have done some stuff with drops and wobbles, but I made this with GarageBand and my software instrument choices are a tad limited at the moment. Maybe I'll do a VIP remix one day :P

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Orchid I Orchid I

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I can only say that I totally love your style! It so amazing and unique, at least for me it is. Keep it up, it is only getting better and better =D

Desert God Desert God

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Your style is awesome, that´s all that I can say. It´s unique and interesting. Keep it up! =D

Just a side note though...eht noitpircsed evord em enasni! DX

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AntonOxenuk responds:

Thank you! And sorry about the insanity issue :)

Pin-up Stella Pin-up Stella

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's a good piece! I like the overall drawing, it feels "unified" or whatever it's called. i like that you got the hands to look good and that you can clearly see how they're bent and held. The only thing I personally felt was a bit off, was that she feels just a tiny bit squashed at the legs, like they're to short or something =S

But overall, great work and keep it up! =D

Mackie85 responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I will continue to post more of my work in the future.